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The federal government announced an overhaul of the previous Coalition government stage 3 tax cuts and introduced various changes in the personal tax rates that apply from 2024-25 income year and onwards.

Changing the original course of action, as announced by the previous Coalition Government, the new tax changes aim to focus on the low and middle income earners to help with the cost-of-living pressures.

The bills amending income tax rate thresholds, tax rates for individuals and Medicare levy low income thresholds, have received Parliamentary approval to become law.

From 1 July 2024, the following changes come in effect to the personal tax rates:

  • the lowest rate of income tax will be reduced form 19 cents in a dollar, down to 16 cents, this means a taxpayer earning $50,000 per year will receive a tax cut worth over $900 a year.
  • the second tax rate will be cut from 32.5 percent down to 30 per cent and that will apply to an annual income of up to $135,000.
  • The 37 per cent rate will be retained and will now apply from $135,000 – an increase up from $120,000.
  • In the first increase since 2008, the threshold for the top tax rate of 45 per cent will also be increased. It will now kick in at $190,000, up from $180,000.

You will roughly receive the following tax cuts, based on your annual income:

Income (per annual) Annual Tax Cut
$45,000 $804
$75,000 $1,154
$100,000 $2,179
$150,000 $3,729


Changes to the low-income Medicare levy threshold

From 1 July 2024, the income threshold at which taxpayers need to pay a 2% Medicare levy will increase by 7.1 per cent, in line with inflation.

The low income threshold will rise to $26,000, up from the previous benchmark of $24,276. The threshold for seniors and pensioners will increase to $41,089, while families will be able to earn $43,846 before the levy kicks in.

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